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  ALL THE BETS : Bank On Success Special

Bank On Success is a very successful laying service that is worthy of focus from All The Bets. Recently they have been making some very consistent and easy to attain profits by using sensible and straight-forward methods and a formula for identifying vulnerable short priced favourites.

The idea of Bank On Success is fairly simple in its basic form in that they operate a Betting Bank for use only on their chosen maximum lays which trade at 11/8 and under.

Bank On Success use a number of betting banks to illustrate the profits available and members can choose which bank to use to suit their own preferences.

Once they have doubled their bank they take that as profit and start again with half that amount. This happens around once every 2 months so in effect you look to double your money 6 times a year.

They operate 3 different banks which follow different staking plans. Their main bank is the one upon which we focus here so we can illustrate results

MAIN BANK : 10% risk :
Simply put you are looking to win 10% of your bank on each lay. Thus if working to a £1000 bank, you would be looking to win £100

Using this as their primary bank, they started with a £10,000 bank on the 19th Feb. By the 19th April, this had grown to £21279.52. Thus they took the £11279.52 as profit and re-invested the original £10,000 in a 2nd bank

The 2nd bank of £10,000 also recently doubled on the 27th May to £21194.67. Once again they took the £11194.67 as profit and re-invested the original £10,000 into a 3rd bank

This is effect means they have doubled their bank 2 times over in 3 months and made a £22474.19 guaranteed profit.

Obviously one of the most important aspects is obtaining a high-enough strike rate to make laying at 11/8 and under worthwhile.

Current strike rate indicates :

From 18th Feb 2005.
All Lays 11/8 & Under
64 Lays
37 Lays have lost
27 Lays have won
A Strike Rate of 57.81%

Losing runs :
3 lays have won consecutively once
2 lays have won consecutively seven times

Winning runs :
4 lays have won consecutively once
3 lays have won consecutively six times
2 lays have won consecutively five times

There are quite a few true comments from succesful customers of Bank On Success and its not hard to see why. Just a sample taken from their website:

"I think in a couple of years, if you kept laying 10% @ 2.5 & under and didn't withdraw any money, I think it would be frightening to most people, the amount that you would accumulate"

"i've lost a lot of money over the years on people giving false hope. I finally think i've found a service that's going to help me regain my faith again, thanks a lot "

One key point emphasised by Bank On Success is the need for patience and the fact it is a long-term strategy and only for long-term investors.

You also are recommended to be in a position to lay at the shortest price possible on the exchanges. Often that means being able to lay close to the race.

There is an average of 1 lay a day although this changes when taking into account evening racing and busy days.


Full details on the service, its results to different banks and the service in general is available via our Bank On Success links. Take a look for yourself....

Bank On Success Website


(all information used in description correct on 30th May 2005)



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