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  ALL THE BETS : Football Trader Special

All The Bets is the first site to be given access to the new revolutionary ebook The Football Trader . Presented as the most effective method of profiting via betting on live football, read on to find out our opinions.

There are a few similar products on the market at the moment, so its interesting to see what differences and how the The Football Trader is different.

The Football Trader is aimed at the fast growing number of people who like to watch football and trade it for a profit. It is written by an existing trader at football who has used the methods described in the ebook to make his own profits over the past few years.

Making a profit using theFootball Trader is done by taking various advised bets throughout the 90 minutes (and before the match) in order to guarantee a profit. The only requirements to follow the system is a Betfair account and TV access to live football matches. Betfair runs live in-running markets for almost every live football match you can think of these days such is the demand for football trading.

The Football Trader Ebook consists of two unique systems on trading profit on football. Both are based on proven statistics and betting structure which will produce a profit 85% of the time. The 15% of the time that you dont make a profit, the vast majority of time any losses are minimised by get-out bets.

Both systems are illustrated throughout with real life examples and the theory behind them so you can understand what you are doing and why.

It is easy to learn which matches fit into which system and the thought processes behind what bets or lays to place and at what point during a match (or before it) to do so..

Its important to point out that Football Trader should be looked upon as trading and not gambling as there are important differences. Gambling is considered to be a risk where you are hoping for a certain result. Trading on the otherhand involves carefully selecting bets and lays and using a strategy to produde a guaranteed profit at the end of it.

This means if following the system properly, in 85% of the matches you can lock in profits. Statistics are included throughout the ebook which indicates the author really knows what he is talking about. Its always useful to know the percentage likelihood of various outcomes.

Throughout the ebook there are many screengrabs with examples of real-life trading matches and the various postions taken. Everything is gone into in fine detail such as what to do if a goal is scored in the first 5 minutes through to goalless draws.

This means you should never be caught short in the event of a match that doesnt go as expected. We see every season matches that contain quick goals or that change completely in the space of minutes from one team to another. We saw a recent example when England came from 2-1 down to beat Argentina 3-2 in the space of a few minutes at the end of the match.

Of course most matches follow a set pattern, and some leagues and competitions are better than others. By reading the ebook you will begin to know which matches to trade more than others.

It is obvious having read the Football Trader that it really is a superb E-book which will certainly help those who already trade or indeed those who are keen to learn about football trading.

The 2 systems are well researched and make good sense to anyone who has ever traded. All bases are covered in terms of what to do in differening situations. When trading in-running on football you have to make decisions quickly so its good to be able to refer to the Football Trader to seek out what you should do.

The system is easy to apply and understand once you have done a few trades. You start to get a feel for how the market is going to pan out and can begin to use your experience to help indicate when to take a profit

The Football Trader is a seriously good ebook that any novice or experienced trader would do well to read and use.

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