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  ALL THE BETS : Lottery Special. Increase your chances of winning by 4302%

Make A Living On The National Lottery & Euromillions Draws
All The Bets have teamed up with Ultimate Syndicate to provide you with a 4302% greater chance to win when you play the National Lottery and Euromillions draw

If you play the lottery every week or have done so in the past, the chances are you have lost money rather than won.

IN FACT - The mathematical advantage that Ultimate Syndicate gives to you, means that over time you will show an overall profit even if only winning the small prizes.

This makes it a great investment form on its own. Members statistically win more than what they invest.

With their lottery syndicates you can increase your chances of winning the UK National Lotto Jackpot by 702% and the Euro Millions Draw by a huge 3600%.

Ultimate Syndicate is gathering tens of thousands of people to form large syndicates which effectively means you play 88 lines a week for only £5 entry.

How it all works
When you join Ultimate Syndicate online as a "Player" you are allocated a position in a Lotto or Euromillions syndicate.

By using advanced mathematical techniques, Ultimate Syndicate guarantees that in each draw you wil match at least 1 number per UK Lotto draw and 2 numbers per Euromillions draw. It is this advantage that makes it so profitable

Upon subscription, you will receive an email confirmation with an Ultimate Syndicate Membership Card bearing your Syndicate's lottery numbers.

The National Lottery has 2 draws a week, on Wednesday & Saturday while the Euromillions draw takes place on Friday night.

After each draw your winnings will be calculated and sent directly to your bank account immediately.


  • The Increased odds mean you will win back more than £5 per week in prize money. (Note if playing both draws there is a saving of £2 a week)
  • You have a 702% better chance of scooping a big UK Lotto win. A 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize ( compared to the usual 1 in 49)
  • You have a 3600% better chance of scooping a big UK euromillions win. A 1 in 4 chance of winning a prize
  • As a member you receive Full Membership details with your lottery numbers.
  • All Lottery winnings are paid directly and promptly into your bank account.


You can play immediately on sending your first payment.

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