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  ALL THE BETS : Value Horse Method

The Value Horse Method is a new e-book that is attracting a very high level of interest currently. All The Bets has been supplied by a exclusive copy to review and you can read our opinions below.

VALUE HORSE METHOD REVIEW - Exclusive to All The Bets

The Value Horse Method E-book has been written by Neil Smith, who has been making a living from betting for the past 3 years.

It is essentially a low risk, high reward method of betting on horses that represent exceptional value for money. The emphasis throughout is to make your betting more of an investment form than a gamble.

The Value Horse Method is primarily aimed at identifying certain types of races and horses that offer extra value and where we can squeeze extra profits out of.

With the advent of betting exchanges and rise of the internet there is now more than ever the opportunity to really identify the races where money is lopsided or spread out un-evenly which as a knock-on effect produces the value.

The VHM involves both backing and laying at Betfair as well as keeping an eye on the markets elsewhere.

To make the VHM method work you only need access to the internet and all the resources required can accessed absolutely for free.

Something that really shows the time and effort that has put into the VHM is the number of examples they provide.

There are so many it is impossible to imagine a scenario that is not covered by the e-book. This means that you should never be in the dark or faced with a unknown situation.

All the examples come with detailed and undoctored screen shots to properly illustrate what is going on.

To help you out with the mathematics of the VHM, they also supply a very very handy calculator for use with the ebook. The Calculator really is of great use and can quickly help assist you in identifing the value so often spoke about it.

The Value Horse Method raises and identifies in very concise fashion the types of races and horses you should bet on and how you can maximise profit.

It is quite simply a tremendous effort and something that has certainly got the potential to really transform many a betting portfolio.

It is written clearly and well illustrated with many examples, all of which are easy to understand. The tone of writing also is easy to follow.

If you are really serious about making money betting the Value Horse Method is for you.

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